• Wonderfert
    Main Features:
    • WonderFert is 100% Natural Organic Product.
    • It is useful for all crops and plants.
    • It increases the yield of the crop substantially.

    • WonderFert improves soil health. Due to healthy soil it minimises fungal growth.
    • It increases the micro-organisms in the soil.
    • t helps in the development of multiple root structure.
    • As the soil improves, plant obtains its food supplements
       from the soil itself, thereby WonderFert reduces the quantity of fertilisers to be used.
    • It helps in increasing quantity of white roots, size of leaves, size and quality of fruits
       and quantity of flowers.
    • Due to adequate supply of essential supplements, the plant is well fed. The leaves become dark    green and with increased rate of photosynthesis the production increases.
    • It Improves the size, colour and taste of the farm produce.

    • WonderFert can be used by drip irrigation and drenching.
    • For All Crops : Use 5 litres WonderFert twice per acre (10 litres per acre)
    • For Fruit Crops : Use 5 litres WonderFert four times per acre (20 litres per acre)
    • For better results use AllRounder (sticker & spreader) with WonderFert.
    • It can be mixed with any agri input for application.

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